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I'm currently a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Lincoln, in the UK. I've taught previously, as a sessional lecturer and tutor, at The University of Melbourne (wherefrom I also gained my PhD) and Swinburne University of Technology, both in Australia.

My research is located primarily at the interstices between media studies, communication studies, and philosophy, and is currently focused on three areas: concepts of mediation, representation, communicability, and time in European philosophy; the longue durée of media history, especially the ways in which our apperception of time and space has been transformed through media technologies; and political normativity in media theory, with a particular focus upon notions of speed, productivity, and futurity.

I teach on a number of modules as part of the Media Studies programme (and other programmes also) in the Lincoln School of Film and Media, specializing in the history and philosophy of media and communication, as well as critical and cultural theory more broadly.

Current teaching

MDS1001M Media Reading Group 1 (coordinator)
MDS1002M Media Reading Group 2 (coordinator)
MDS1007M Introduction to Digital Cultures (lecturer)
MDS1008M Media Theorizes Itself (coordinator)
MDS1009M Mediated Truths (co-coordinator)
MDS2006M Media Archaeologies (coordinator)
MDS2008M Researching and Writing (lecturer)
FTV3007M Film and Television Under Pressure (lecturer)
MDS3004M Media and Control (lecturer)
MDS3005M Media Speculations (coordinator)
MED9035M Cultural Analysis (coordinator)
MED9028M Media Ecologies 1 (lecturer)
MED3006M Independent Study (dissertation supervisor)
MDS3003M Media Studies Dissertation (dissertation supervisor)


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Winner of the 2017 Paragraph annual essay prize competition (on the theme of ‘Belongings’).

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(I haven't included a link to the full text of this article; I regard it as a very flawed piece of writing. See my chapter in the Time for Mapping collection above for a far more cogent presentation of the same argument).